KONA Electric

Enter the electrified world

Combining expansive space and head-turning good looks. With an exceptional electric driving range of up to 300 miles, the KONA Electric gives you the best of both worlds – with no compromises. The bold exterior design catches the eye with muscular sculpted shapes, sleek LED lighting and unique details that highlight the strong Hyundai SUV DNA at its core.KONA Electric’s distinctive design language continues throughout the spacious cabin. Complemented by a choice of high quality materials and advanced technology, the premium interior delivers an exceptionally comfortable and refined ride for everyone on board.

Hyundai KONA Electric Range

Electric cars are the present and the future of motoring, and Hyundai’s selection of models are available to impress today. The KONA Electric, IONIQ Electric and IONIQ 5 are three of the most innovative vehicles around, embracing zero-emissions motoring with impressive all-electric range for cost-effective performance.


Hyundai’s KONA Electric is an impressive car from every angle. One look at the bold colour options and you can tell right away that this is a forward-thinking electric car. The IONIQ Electric, meanwhile, is all sleek and streamlined lines. And the magnificent IONIQ 5 already boasts the title of ‘Car of the Year 2021’ thanks to ground-breaking and electrifying design, with matte and metallic paint options and added extras such as the V2L, Tech and Eco packs also available. The interior of this electric range is also hugely gratifying, particularly in the IONIQ 5 which manages to blur the line between living and moving spaces, with a larger flat floor and highly adjustable front seats able to recline fully for comfort. A widescreen digital cockpit, meanwhile, gives you access to all the key data and features needed for an unforgettable ride, and the SE Connect, Premium and Ultimate trim levels add to the inclusions available.


Hyundai's driver-focused technology offers digital touchscreen infotainment systems and Navigation for safe and simple engagement. Bluelink provides hands-free control, while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provide seamless connectivity to both your devices and apps - making your travels, whichever way you prefer them, an enjoyable experience for all.​


The new IONIQ Electric has a range of up to 193 miles per charge and accelerates from 0-62mph in under ten seconds; while the zero-emission powertrain of the KONA Electric gives an overall range of 278 miles and 0-62mph in just 7.9 seconds. The 800-volt battery system of the IONIQ 5, meanwhile, comes in 58kWh and 73kWh iterations which are among the industry leaders, achieving a maximum range of up to 298 miles. There’s even the choice between two and four-wheel drive models for added control.