All-new i20

The class-leading small family hatchback

Sporty, elegant and visually stunning, every feature line is confident, every curve and angle is subtly seductive. Simple in its layout with everything you need in easy reach, the clean and modern interior design offers sensory well-being. Inside the i20 each surface has been crafted to look and feel exceptional. Materials have been carefully selected with special attention given to their quality and durability. The all new i20 includes a range of clever features to make your drive as easy and entertaining as possible.

All-new Hyundai i20

The all-new Hyundai i20 is an exciting new model for city driving. With its dynamic design, varied engine lineup and industry-leading safety features, the versatile i20 is a city car that's built for efficiency and excitement on every journey. Whether you're zipping in and out of busy traffic or reversing into a tight parking spot, the i20 never loses focus. Choose from a number of trim levels including Element, SE Connect, Premium, N Line and Ultimate.​


From its harmonious exterior styling to its polished interior features, the new Hyundai i20 is the chic and sophisticated hatchback you were waiting for. It's clean lines create a bold but reserved appearance, complemented by a variety of alloy wheels that add an extra touch of sportiness to its overall design. Moving inside means you’ll find a spacious, comfortable car with a lot of modern design aspects plus premium interior finishes made from durable materials. Added touches such as dual-zone electronic climate control and heated seats and steering wheel (on selected trims) make the vehicle more luxurious than other contenders in its class, so experience driving as it should be in this smart and capable model.


The all-new i20 from Hyundai exceeds expectations with superior safety features like Lane Keep Assist to help you steer confidently and ensure your vehicle remains in its lane. An Electronic Stability Programme, meanwhile, helps you brake safely even in wet and slippery conditions, while Vehicle Stability Management comes into play should you experience a skidding or sliding situation on the road.​


The all-new i20 boasts a selection of powerful, turbocharged petrol engines, as well as a 48-volt hybrid system. The manual transmission is available as standard, while the seven-speed dual clutch transmission option is available on selected models powered by a 1.0T GDI 100PS engine. You'll have plenty of fun mastering this car's maneuverability around the city without getting jolted along rutted roads thanks to finely tuned suspension which absorbs bumps, making for a smooth journey.